Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bearish divergence noted !!

Scanning through a few stocks like yongnam, csc, china ess, celest, sinostar. All shows a bearish divergence in Price Osc. Used sinostar as an example to show u guys the divergence. Not sure when it will fall.

Today wanted to cfd short synear based on last few price patterns. Limit exceeded - -..I only wanted to short 50 - 100 lots but failed.

Covered celest at 16 cents. Selling momentum has eased and glad that it covered my capland loss earlier.

Entered Ascendas Reit at 1.35, weekly charts shows bullish divergence and I can see waves that price may be recovering..even if not in it will recover back to 1.60 levels soon..

Still holding on to Bio-T and Transcu. Missed buying Cacola at 6.5 cents. Guess I have to be more patient.

Midnight update. STI past 2300!!!

I was right. Twice I felt and see the same price movements and eventually they breakup. Capland and SEmbmar. Cutting Capland was correct, thanks to bros and sis at rmao. However, I should have believed my instinct and long Capland at 3.4X after i cover the shorts.

Still holding on to celest shorts. I think its time to cover tomorrow..I still believe its good to earn, and better collect profits and concentrate on others. As I type..Dow is almost 3 digit red. My long positions on Bio-treat and transcu don look too good though...This is one mistake I make...never follow others call...I never made anything out of it. I decide myself, I follow my analysis, I follow my kkwaves I am always right....

I may be over cautious but its good to earn bit by bit than to expose myself too much to risks. Tomorrow morning...cover celestial at gap down if any...

I will still hold Transcu and Bio-treat..accumulating for a while liao...if really can give me 100% returns...that will be far I have missed many 100% returns on stocks that I never hold.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review of May Trades

Got dividends and small profits from Rickmers early May. Still did not learn my lesson not to go against bullish sentiments of market. Should have held on tighter on Rickmers after dividends.
Shorted Capitaland in camp, bad moves with no charts analysis, followed to buy high on Transcu..another bad timing. I cut 3k loss today on Capitaland, should have done so yesterday and shorted celestial at 0.26. I was too stubborn and held on to CapLand, resulted in same loss and failed to cover back losses.
Celestial and Capland both discovered a bearish divergence in PO. But celestial was more evident. shorted it at 20.5 cents in hope to cover my capland shorts. So far if celestial do not get refinancing on bonds, my short should be safe and we should be looking at Target price of around 10 cents.
Long on Bio-treat and Transcu for long term, will decide to let go as market sentiments are weakening.

STI past 2000 made me lose confidence on my views on outlook, I am sort of lost for this week. seing weekly charts downtrending..I believe downtrending should take place now. Will exit my longs when possible at this stage.