Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy and holding

Have been really busy. Held on even when market was all gloomy early last week. Market is really volatile and hard to play.

In this market situation where last phase of bull run, market is tricky. Market = bull and volatile no reason to cut loss if firm on the general direction.

Few symptoms. More volatile stocks or midcaps break down shows corrections coming especially when noble broke back down 1.97 that was the first sign of weakness. When bigger caps and mid caps are breaking down, pennies held on at supports. <---correction only.

Market is higher lows, some stocks went lower lows, shipping is weak, construction stocks strong. Mixed sentiments.

Unless pennies and small caps broadbase breakdown<----this is when we have to start worrying.

Anyway I am slowly letting go next week, holding on too much.

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